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•Social Media Management
•Search Engine Optimization, (SEO)
•Website Work
•Graphic Ads
•Copy Writing & Newsletters

Social Media Management

Social Marketing – Create and/or maintain social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,  LinkedIn, Tik Tok
•Search Engine Optimization; using key words and phrases for the business.
•Hash tags are also carefully selected for best fit and response to people searching.
•Photos in a post always receive more attention than post with text only. I use photos that correspond to the post that are crisp, in focus and most importantly, interesting.
•Scheduling posts on a regular basis gives continuity and credibility to the brand. $75 per hour

I offer a number of packages. Packages are geared toward each individual business by size of business, type of business, goals, how many posts per month.

Social Media Packages

This package would be 1 post per day for the
month or 30 posts

$150  ($5 per post)
What you get: Caption, Hashtags, Scheduled Posts 1 per day.
You supply the content (text and photos)
$300 ($10 per day)
What you get: Caption, Hashtags, Scheduled Posts, Text & Photos

Variations on a package might include:
6 posts per month (2 per week)
12 post per month (3 per week) and so on.
Each of the variation might also include text and photos.
I offer something for all budgets.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization for a website
$75 per hour
As an example, a front page might run as much as $500.
An inside page approximately $75

Website Updates

This includes Web Work such as updating a website – giving a new look with just some adjustments. It would also include making changes to a website such as changing prices, dates, inventory, etc.

$75 per hour

Build a custom website from scratch

Create a new website with your company’s branding throughout. I will build you a website that your clients will navigate easily, enjoy viewing and readily be picked up by the search engines. This will not be from a standard GoDaddy, Woo, Squarespace

$85 per hour 

A simple site with a five pages only may run approximately $1000.

Graphics and Images

    • Graphics can be created for print or online ads
    • Graphics can be designed specifically for brochures
    • A group of graphics can be created with a common theme for promotions
    • I offer graphic designs for stationery, gift certificates, t-shirt art, logos, business cards, and company branding
    • Also, I offer graphic art for public spaces such as hotels and hospitals.

$75 per hour

Social Media Management

Social Marketing – Create and/or maintain social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and lesser-known campaigns
$75 per hour

Copy Writing

  • Copy Writing – Creating new website text
  • Creating stories
  • Creating a written history
  • ad copy
  • newsletters and more
  • Crafty text to capture reader and search engines

$75 per hour


  • Photography for businesses
  • Tours
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Property
  • Newsletters

$75 per hour