Cross Channel Marketing

Consistent Marketing Online

The challenge: Cut through the online noise. Reach consumers at the right time. Reach consumers in the place they are most likely to spend their time.
Cross-channel marketing – businesses communicate with consumers across multiple touchpoints.

Multi-channel VS Cross-Channel

Multi-channel: a website and a mobile app. Cross-channel: providing a consistent experience across several different channels. They will see and read photos and text that are recognizable as that brand or business.

Why Multi-channel

Increased engagement.
Using only one marketing channel, such as only Facebook, might miss the perfect opportunity to have potential consumers miss your message entirely.
It is better to reach consumers at different times of the day. Also, reach that consumer at different points of the purchasing cycle.
Consumer engagement levels increased with cross-channel messaging. If a customer received outreach in two or more channels, the level of engagement significantly increased.

Returning Buyers

Loyalty. Repeated consistency in the message and branding helps to create familiarity. Familiarity can assist in creating loyalty.
This style of marketing treats each platform differently. And this can create inconsistency in the message and branding. (and is, therefore, likely to be inconsistent in terms of tone of voice or the message it is sending) A business wants to be certain that their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. all have the same messages and have the same branding.