Social Media Management
What is it?

Social Media Defined

Websites and apps that enable users to create and share content are called social media. Also known as social networking. Social media allows individuals and communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, photos, and videos.

Social media marketing is a type of advertising.
Except the posts are free.

The most noteworthy social media sites are; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok.

Why does your business need
Social Media?

Social media networking is the new ‘word of mouth’. The sites and apps spread the word about your business via “sharing”, ‘liking’, and forwarding. Social media can draw in hundreds or thousands of potential clients. 
Social media is powerful.

Journalists and  bloggers look to social media for their topics and stories. This is the best of all worlds possible as it not only is free but spreads to a multitude of new people.

If picked up by a blogger or journalist visitations to your website can go off the chart. Recent surveys indicate the average social media user spends 153 minutes per day – on social media apps and sites. That is nearly 3 hours. The number of social media users continues to increase.

Another Benefit of
Social Media Marketing

This marketing strategy – if done correctly, can also assist with search engine ranking. More visitor interaction can lead to higher search engine ranking.

Search Engine algorithms are increasingly using signals from social media in their result pages.   What a great bonus this is if you are a company steeped in Social media.

How I Perform Social Media Marketing

I use and/or create interesting text, photos, videos, and updates that are intriguing. This  draws people in. I schedule these updates to be seen on social sites at optimal days and optimal times of the day.

I am well versed in creating business pages on TripAdvisor, Chamber of Commerce,  Visitors Bureau and Linkedin sites. These can all point to your social media sites as well as your company website.

Social media marketing can assist with
where your website ranks in google

Eyes on your brand or your business: that is what I’m aiming for! Social media sites are a “snapshot” of your business. Today, people have extremely limited attention spans. The snapshot I create involves “What’s new?”, “What’s hot?”,”What can I look forward to?”, “What does it do for me?”, and “Why should I follow you on social media?” Owners and team players make for great social media posts.

What I Can Do For Your Company

After learning about your business and your clients, I will set up a schedule. The schedule will outline when, how much and what type of content to place into your social sites. This may be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I will define the types of material that should go into these for your specific type of client. I will set up and maintain these social sites.

Monthly charges start at $150 and up. I have many different types of packages. There are basic packages of posting photos and videos of what I am given. A package where I respond to these posts. Packages where I create the photos/graphics/captions and respond/engagement to the likes and comments.

In addition, I have packages for blogs, and newsletters.

My background

My background is in tourism and retail. I have worked in and owned these types of businesses. I have clients in hospitality/lodging, real estate, beauty and art industry.

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